kid smiling with veggies

Lil’ Chefs
Children ages 2-3 come play in the kitchen with their mom, dad, grandparent, or other adult. Young children will learn age-appropriate basic cooking skills and have fun while doing it! All of these programs are 1 1/2 hours and consist of making a fun food. We will have kitchen activities that focus on shapes, colors, numbers and letters to assist with learning while cooking. These activities will help develop an understanding of health and nutrition. $35 for adult & child includes meal

Sous Chefs

Children ages 4-13 will spend time together learning basic culinary skills while practicing healthy cooking. We will focus on table etiquette, cooking skills, and trying new and fun foods. Children will be pushed at this age to be creative in the kitchen and discover what their likes and their dislikes are. $40-$45 per child

Master Chefs

Children ages 15- adult will learn how to enjoy healthy cooking while spending time with their peers. They will be challenged to be creative and to push their tastes to try new and different spices and ingredients. We will also spend time on table etiquette and presentation. $45 per person

Kids Lunch Prep

Lunches can get so boring and are such an important part of a child’s day. Let us help keep them exciting while also keeping them healthy. This class will save parents time from not grocery shopping or arguing with children about what they will pack for lunch!

Cooking Competitions

Children will enjoy competing in our friendly and fun competitions. This is a great way for children to push their creativity in the kitchen and gain confidence about their skills. There is no skill level required to enter. We will have cupcake wars and holiday chopped competitions. $45 per child/$80 per chopped team